White Castle now has Impossible Sliders!

So, I got home yesterday and my vegan girlfriend excitedly told me that White Castle now offers Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger at some locations. I’m not a huge fan of White Castle, but we trekked the 10 blocks to get some vegan fast-food.

Besides the horrendous customer service and having to explain that adding cheese to a vegan burger makes it not vegan to the cashier, it was great! If you haven’t tried an impossible burger yet, definitely find one close by. We couldn’t tell if we were given meat-based burgers or the impossible ones.


Why it’s Hot:

  • Adding vegan high-quality vegan options is opening up a whole new audience for White Castle.
  • Impossible Foods is making a huge jump from higher-end, fast-casual restaurants to a mass consumer, fast-food chain.


Impossible Foods goes to White Castle