What’s Wrong with Pharma HCP Websites?

Today’s physicians need all the help they can get in providing patient care.

This should represent an opportunity for pharma to step up as a valued partner to physicians and bolster their relationship with this critical customer set. However, many physicians look to their pharma partners with suspicion, dismissing pharma content as nothing more than advertising and finding the quality of digital resources pharmas provide to be poor.

  • Low trust
  • Navigational Issues
  • Hidden patient support
  • Lackluster video content
  • Ad overload

Source: http://www.drgdigital.com/drg-digital-innovation-blog/fixing-pharma-s-big-problem-with-hcp-portals-and-customer-experience?&utm_campaign=klickhealth&utm_medium=klick_wire&utm_source=klickhealth&utm_content=klick_wire_story

Why it’s Hot:

MRM has been developing Pharma websites while trying to keep some of the above issues in mind. It’s up to us to make our client’s websites function seamless and provide the most valuable information to the end user. We can continue to use surveys and data like the above to create better experiences and build relationships with our core audiences.