What’s Hot

The strategy team at MRM East brings you Hot Sauce — an ongoing best-in-class exercise on trends and the latest developments in communications technology.

And, since it’s not just about technology, but about the people that use it, we have to understand what people do, why, and where they do it in order to engage them in meaningful ways. We have to stay up to date on how people choose the platforms that enable them to connect, communicate, stay informed and entertain.

Hot Sauce is a weekly gathering to share, discuss and find inspiration in the latest campaigns, tools, platforms and developments that sparked our interest during the week. HotSauceDrops.com is the amphora where we collect the spicy drops of inspiration.

At MRM, we believe that the sauce is greater than the sum of the drops. We believe in crowd-sourcing intelligence. We believe that it is better together.

Hot Sauce adds flavor. It wakes you up. Opens your eyes, one drop at a time.

What’s hot?

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