Wes Anderson’s characters always practice social distancing

A new video from UK movie magazine Little White Lies reveals how Anderson’s characters have been practicing social distancing from the beginning. The two-and-a-half minute clip draws from the director’s entire filmography to show how his characters are often kept apart, even when they’re together. Sometimes, it’s a depth-of-field trick, with one character close to the camera and another one further back and thus relatively tiny. Other times, it’s a tracking shot of characters moving along on the same path, each at his or her own pace. While it would be a reach to suggest Anderson actually anticipated that it would one day become standard hygienic praxis to maintain six-feet of distance at all times, the director’s visual depiction of isolation sure looks prescient at the moment.

Why it’s hot: Making light of the grim situation at the moment, we are given a new perspective at beloved favorites such as Wes Anderson movies.

Source: FastCo