Wearables and a Study That Could Change Healthcare

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The people who wear wearables have a chance to participate in a biomedical research project of epic proportion. The “All of Us” study from the National Institute of Health goes beyond the longitudinal standard to create an entirely new research infrastructure replete with a shared dataset for years to come. They are asking for a million volunteers to share a diverse array of personal information to help pave the way for personalized medicine.

Why it’s Hot:

As the public—and healthcare professionals—become progressively more comfortable with data collection, analysis, and sharing, opportunities in precision medicine and advanced research grow. By learning as much as we can from increasingly comprehensive and diverse audiences, the opportunity to provide the right patient with the right information regarding the right treatments also grows.

Source: https://www.klick.com/health/news/blog/mhealth/wearables-and-precision-medicine/?utm_campaign=blog_promotion&utm_medium=klick_wire&utm_source=klickhealth&utm_content=mspitz_precision_20170714