Wear Your Dinner as a #Chickenista

A creative from Kentucky’s Cornett is taking a new spin on one popular Kentucky creation by teaming with local artisans to produce a unique line of jewelry. The new invention consists of actual Kentucky Fried Chicken bones dipped into 14kt gold and strung onto necklaces. So far, a limited 20 “Gold Kentucky Fried Chicken Wang Bone Necklaces” have been released since the campaign began.

The campaign was created independently of KFC but the brand is embracing it, using the hashtag #Chickenistas.

Read more about the campaign and chicken-bone-turned-jewelry process on the agency’s site here and check out the video below.

Why It’s Hot:  Brands are welcoming independent entitles using their products for completely different, new purposes. In the future, KFC and perhaps other food companies might start selling bones and other products to artisans as a new way to raise profits and build more buzz around the brand. More chicken for everyone! Sorry, vegetarians.

Source: MediaBistro’s AgencySpy

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