‘We Are Alfred’ VR Experience Helps Us Empathize With Patients

Virtual reality is changing the lives of patients and physicians alike. In the future, you might watch operations as if you wielded the scalpel or you could travel to Iceland or home, while you are lying on a hospital bed. Embodied Labs created “We Are Alfred” by using VR technology to show young medical students what ageing means. Everyone can be the hypothetical Alfred for 7 minutes, and experience how it feels like to live as a 74 year-old man with audio-visual impairments. The developers’ ultimate goal is to solve the disconnection between young doctors and elderly patients due to their huge age difference. Fostering empathy between caretakers and their charges is much easier when physicians can see things from the patients’ perspectives.

Why It’s Hot

  • Improve relationships/appointments between patients and HCPs
  • Help caregivers and family members better understand what patients are going through