Volvo backfilling a moat?

Volvo has built its brand around “being the safest cars on the road”.

For years, the company developed research and processes that lead to numerous vehicle safety innovations that established their credibility.

At Volvo, the Accident Research Team has compiled real-world data since the 1970s to better understand what happens during a collision.

Two truths:

  1. At the industry-level, women tend to be underrepresented in data (male crash test dummies are the standard). But not Volvo (they’ve incorporated men, women and children in their data over 40 years of research)
  2. More importantly, new car manufacturers are stepping up to the “Safey” arena (specifically Tesla) and looking to take on Volvo.


So what do you do? Do you protect your moat with yet-another-ad saying how Volvo is a “different kind of safety”?

Well, yes and… (if you’re Vovlo) you build a library with all of your safety knowledge and make it publicly available.


Why it’s hot:

Looking beyond the obvious advertising play, what this Campaign (Big C) is helping solve for is the core brand challenge: trying to go from being simply the provider of cars to something that offers mobility on a broader scale.

The execution of it is flawlessly told with a gripping narrative, and maintains Volvo’s thought leadership in “Safety”.