Virtual Reality Dating Show

Move aside reality shows, its time for Virtual Reality shows. A new show on Facebook’s new updated video platform came out that puts two strangers together on a virtual date. The people are first 3D scanned and then are placed in a room together wearing a motion capture suit and Vive. They see the other person’s avatar in the virtual world around them. The scans aren’t always the best and the motion capture is hilariously bad, but it kind of adds to the whole thing and allows the soon-to-be couples to easily make jokes about what’s going on around them. The then go on different virtual dates; painting a 3D dream house together, going to space and changing into aliens, or surviving a zombie attack for examples. Afterwards the participants are interviewed and all of them have said the VR aspects of the date helped take a lot of the tension off and allowed them to easily connect without even being able to fully see each other yet and they’ve all chosen to go on a second date so far!

First episode:

VR Blind Date in Outer Space

John and Shelby are set up on a blind date that takes place in a virtual reality world set in outer space.

Posted by Virtually Dating on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Why it’s hot:

  • Example of the new weekly shows on Facebook’s video platform
  • Great use of VR technology
  • Shows how people feel more comfortable in a virtual world when interacting with someone new

This inspired me to take my girlfriend on a VR date for our anniversary last weekend to Jump Into the Light. It’s a VR arcade in LES that has a ton of great games set up (no multiplayer ones sadly). But we did enjoy giving each other hints when trying to escape Rick’s garage as a Morty clone and help each other fight robots in Space Pirate Training. I definitely recommend going and checking it out!