Virgin Galactic Is Going to Be Social Media on Rocket Fuel

Space-tourism company Virgin Galactic prepares to launch customers into orbit via A-list celebrities tweeting from space.

[All seats to fly to space are US$250,000.]

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Why It’s Hot

Buzz Opportunity: Can you imagine what Twitter, Facebook and other social channels are going to be like if Branson’s venture gets going for real? (e.g., Leo DiCaprio is on the list).

Crisis Management: Imagine everything that can go wrong — that’s why they probably awarded this project to PR shop Edelman.

Novel content / Location-based with steroids: Virgin Galactic is pioneering and creating a brand-new industry. They are documenting all of it.

To be(long) or not to be(long), that’s the real question: “You will be joining our community of over 600 future astronauts which has become one of the most exclusive clubs in the world! (…) Once confirmed, you’re given priority access to a variety of Virgin Galactic events. ¬†Our future astronauts have visited Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, completed G-force training, celebrated milestone powered test flights in the Mojave Desert and much more.”






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