Verizon is Making Traveling Tolerable


Verizon plans to kick off the holiday season this year with “Connection Day” on Nov. 26.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is infamous as one of the worst travel days of the year, and the telecom has partnered with several companies to create a mobile package of services intended to make travel a bit more enjoyable.

Verizon is offering additional data to customers, and teaming up with Amazon, Apple, Boingo Wireless, Condé Nast, Gogo Technologies, JetBlue and Pandora to offer entertainment, connectivity and more.


Why Its Hot:

This is a great example of playing off people’s pain points. Everyone hates traveling during the holidays so let’s make it easier for you! What a great strategy! Also, you don’t have to have Verizon to partake in the freebies.



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