Unprecedented Digital Access to WWE’s WrestleMania for Successful Super-Integrated Marketing Plan

With over 667,000 subscribers to the WWE Network in just the two months since its February launch, it’s no surprise that the WWE has an immense fan base, far beyond many other entertainment programs. Aside from the content itself, what contributes to WWE’s massive continued success is their multichannel approach to marketing and content delivery.

For WWE’s 30th anniversary of WrestleMania this past Sunday, WWE offered digital access surrounding the program in an unprecedented way, including: WWE website, WWE mobile app, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, all working together at the same time. Additionally they employed several celebrities to be “Social Media Ambassadors” for the event who socially shared their excitement for the event in real-time, and created contests across platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

The massive effort led to several related hashtags trending worldwide on Twitter during the show and for hours afterward. Memes were going viral within minutes of clips airing during the show. Fan reactions took over timelines across the world.

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Why It’s Hot | With a fan base as gigantic as that of the WWE, WWE uses carefully planned integration in order to engage all fans without alienating any. For every large-scale event they have, WWE takes advantage of all available media and crafts content strategies that work best for each specific platform. Brands cannot expect consumers to change their behavior in order to interact with the brand. Campaigns that encompass a variety of channels catered to specific consumer groups are quickly becoming essential to success in marketing and consumer engagement.

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