Twitter Launches Periscope 3/26/15



Yesterday, Twitter launched Periscope, its newly acquired live streaming app.  So far, people are liking the app vs. Meerkat because you can re-play your streams for up to 24 hours (I’m wondering if this will be extended), something that Meerkat does not offer.  As an Android user, I’m a little bummed that they have only launched on Apple devises so far- this seems like a really cool idea.

Why It’s Hot

Like Matt had mentioned a couple weeks ago, this will allow Twitter to further establish itself as the king of real-time information sharing on social media.  People were streaming the explosion in NYC in real time- this could change how news broadcasting is produced in the future.  Unlike Skype, where you can stream video with people you know, Periscope allows you to see people’s feeds that you are following- so you can access streams from all over the world.

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