‘Tis the Season for Cute Christmas Spots: Lonely Hedgehog Finds a Squad

It’s unclear what the connection to banking is, but the cuteness cannot be denied.

Via AdAge:

German banking group Erste worked with animators at Passion Pictures to bring to life adorable woodland creatures in this heart-tugging Christmas ad.

It’ tells the sad tale of a hedgehog who’s ostracized because of his spikes — nobody wants to sit next to him on the bus, play with him or even kick a football around as they always get in the way. Eventually, the other animals come up with an ingenious solution (although we’re not quite sure if it’s environmentally sound) and he finally gets to feel some holiday love.

Passion directors Kyra & Constantin worked with Jung von Matt/Donau on the film, bringing a tactile and “fuzzy” feel to the CGI characters.

While it’s doesn’t seem to have much to do with banking, it’s a charming story, and the tagline “believe in yourself” is one that everyone can appreciate at this time of year.

Source: AdAge

Why Its Hot: A good spot is a good spot.  Sometimes brands may not think their brand lends itself to emotional storytelling, but a good idea will draw people in introduce new people into the conversation. I think this spot will have a lot of people asking, “What is Erste?” this holiday season.