Timberland Pro campaign seeks more trade workers to help communities rebuild and thrive

Over the past few years, some workwear brands have quietly found themselves in the midst of streetwear / high fashion. One could attribute this to their roots as go-to blue-collar brands with an authentic, organic story, but the challenge has been keeping that original spirit/authenticity alive.

Separately, brands are more than ever being pressured into standing for something.

So in this campaign, I feel Timberland has found an initiative that does both.

“By 2028, more than three million skilled trade jobs will go unfilled, according to Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute — the social impact arm of the National Association of Manufacturers. Timberland Pro wants to help close the skills gap by championing the trades and providing support for the next generation of skilled workers through two new spots as part of the campaign with The Martin Agency, along with new partnerships.”

Why it’s hot: 
I believe this campaign does a great job of taking on a social cause truly authentic to a brand – an opportunity we should always be on the lookout for.