This Ride Slows Down If You Get Too Scared

The Neurotransmitter 3000 is a homemade amusement ride experience that performs based on biometric data collected from on-body sensors:

Before riding the Neurotransmitter 3000, you clip a pulse rate sensor to your ear, stick muscle tension sensors onto your left arm, and fit a thermometer under your armpit. As it begins to spin, these measurements from your body feed into the machine, and its motor slows and speeds up to match your comfort.


Microsoft is thinking about interfaces that could adapt to the day-to-day differences in users’ cognitive abilities, and MIT is designing industrial robots that can be turned off in emergencies with nothing more than a human thought.

As more machines enter our lives, its important explore how machines can understand how we feel, not just what we objectively do or say. This is all in the quest of figuring out how deeply machines will integrate into our lives.

See the work here