This Dark, No-Holds-Barred German Ad Will Really Make You Think About Visiting at Christmas

John Lewis found a nuanced, metaphorical way to explore the subject of loneliness and old age at Christmas-time with its Man in the Moon ad, but German supermarket Edeka has no such qualms. It goes straight for the jugular in this spot through Jung von Matt, in which a lonely grandfather finds a pretty shocking way to reunite his family for the holidays.

They’re all too busy and far-flung to come over, and year after year we see him eating his Christmas meal all alone as he listens to an answerphone full of excuses. But there’s a guaranteed way of getting them there; faking his own death. He summons them all for a funeral, and when they appear at his house — surprised to find the table set for dinner — he explains “it was the only way of getting you all together.” Amazingly not one single member of the family freaks out over this (you’d think there would be one); instead, they’re overjoyed and they all sit down together to appreciate the season.

Why It’s Hot

We’re used to grocery stores promoting Can Can sales and slashed price.  This is a very creative way of turning buying food on it’s head to share what’s behind it- love.  Food brings people together.  This is inspiring for me because it proves that people continue to be creative, no matter what the product being advertised is.  Besides that, the commercial pulls on your heart strings and drives the important point home to make the time for your family.