The Internet of Things Recruits Basketball Players










Wilson Sporting Goods is bringing a traditional brand name to the world of smart basketballs, and the company’sWilson X Connected Basketball is significantly unlike anything else out there. Wilson’s ball simply uses a sensor inside of it and some heavily tested algorithms to magically track your baskets and bricks.  The ball has a Bluetooth radio, low-power processor, and three-axis accelerometer inside of it, and it uses machine learning and some proxy processing by the cloud and a connected phone to calculate shot percentage and the shooter’s distance from the hoop. The ball communicates with a mobile application that helps turn shooting into a game while also visualizing your shots made based on the data feed from the ball. It comes at a cost of $200 per ball.

Why It’s Hot:

This just adds more entertainment beyond shooting a basketball. It actually turns the process into a game against yourself to beat your previous score. As a sports fan, it’s exciting to see sports manufacturers dip into using the IOT to give their products more usage while also creating new games around the sports they are manufacturing for.