The Emergence of Emotion Reading Computers

Rana El Kaliouby developed a company called Affectivia in response to her deep concern that the increasing exposure to technology has made people less emotionally intelligent. Affectivia utilizes an emotional engine called Affdex which studies faces from a webcam that identifies subtle muscle movements to decipherthe participants emotional state. So far Affectivia has been used in comprehensive studies regarding the facial expressions of numerous demographics. Some of their findings include that women tend to smile more intensely than men. In the United States, women tend to smile 40% more than men, whereas in France it is 25% more.

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Marketing Implication: Affectivia’s clientele are companies who are interested in understanding how consumers react to specific advertisements and commercials. They have analyzed over 2.9 million subjects in 75 countries. There is a huge repository of data that marketers can use to understand patterns or commonalities of the target markets they are pursuing. This can also be used as a pro-type for more technology that can recognize our cognitive state.