The Dawn Of The Drone-era Is Upon Us

Elevation, a new film, shows how drones could transform the way we live and construct urban environments, from reimagining architectural design and construction to deliveries to infrastructure and surveillance. Drone development is already progressing rapidly, as drone devices become more accessibly priced for average consumers.

Some of the film’s drone predictions:

-Drones will enable innovative new building construction techniques, as they are powered remotely and can go anywhere

-Human passengers will travel by drone along drone highways

-There will be rooftop drone parking and drone charging stations

-Clouds of drone delivery “wasps” will hover above the city, transporting goods to people.

Architecture might have to change to accommodate delivery drones, whether that’s a giant cat flap on the side of the apartment or a little perch where it lands. The infrastructure around deliveries could change dramatically. If drones become a popular way of traveling, every building is going to have some sort of drone parking on it, so architecture might have to sprout branches and platforms to allow people to leave and enter the building.

As drone technologies start being used en masse by both brands and consumers, discussions are underway about the air traffic control systems, the regulations and even the privacy legislation that need to be developed to manage their impact.

Big brands are quickly getting involved in drone delivery, with Ford investigating how drone technology can be used in vehicles. Amazon has been granted a patent for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures.

Why It’s Hot

-From government surveillance to urban landscape reconfiguration, drones are opening up a world of industries and tech use cases never even dreamed off

-With legalization/regulation of drones will have a huge impact on brands…from how they deliver their products, how they advertise, to how they deliver utilities

-How DOPE would it be to watch a high-speed drone chase between police-drones and some hoodlum drones?!

– I think we all need to start investing in some serious protective headwear for when shit starts falling from the sky