Teddy bear helps kids with diabetes

About 15,000 new cases of type 1 diabetes are diagnosed among children every year. Now an organization called Design for America has helped introduce a cuddly therapeutic teddy bear named Jerry the Bear that helps kids understand their diabetes and how to manage it.

Like the children who receive him, “Jerry ‘lives’ with diabetes, and can receive insulin shots in his legs, arms, and buttocks, helping children become familiar with the practice,” according to an article in PSFK. “Kids can also check Jerry’s blood sugar, “feed” him by swiping chip-embedded food cards, and monitor his diet, all of which spurs displays on his tummy-mounted screen, the Glucopal. The new generation of Jerry the Bears can also connect to learning materials online via computer, allowing kids to play diabetes-related games.” 

Why It’s Hot

Diabetes is an exploding epidemic in this country, affecting children in ever greater numbers.  Jerry the Bear is a great education tool to make kids more aware of their disease and how to manage it in a fun and entertaining way that will probably motivate them more.  His appeal has been noticed in healthcare circles, and he has even made an appearance at the White House

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