Take a Pikat This Rare Critter

“A NEW ROBOTIC grabber wants to be the very best, like no sampler ever was. To catch deep-sea creatures is its real test; to release them safely is its cause.” A real-life Pok√© Ball with a mission now exists. Scientists have created a gentle 12-sided robot that’s about the size of a bowling ball that will be unleashed to crawl the dark depths of the ocean… for science! This new bot can “safely catching swimming jellyfish and shape-shifting octopuses in water more than 2,000 feet deep”

The core purpose of this soft new bot is to rid the harmful outdated ways of capturing and studying the mysterious depths. Traditional methods included trawling nets that end up killing specimens and basically annihilating soft specimens. “Squishy Fingers” was first born in 2014 by Gruber and Wood with the purpose of collecting and handling the delicate organisms.

Why it’s hot?

It’s so deep. This bot is able to descend more than 2,000 feet into the abyss collect, scan, and release organisms safely without harming them and without completely disrupting their ecosystem. This is an incredible solution to further the studies of the deep dark blue and not kill all the creatures!

Source: National Geographic