Man caught sunbathing atop of wind turbine

You know privacy is taking a back seat to technology when you can’t sunbathe on top of a wind turbine without being discovered. Kevin Miller, vacationing in Rhode Island, was taking his drone for a spin in the countryside when he maneuvered it to the top of a 200-foot tall wind turbine. Hoping to capture some cool sights of the turbine against the blue sky, the drone instead spied upon a man sunning himself. The man took it all in good stride, sitting up and waving to the drone.

Why It’s Hot

Privacy is becoming a quaint notion, going the way of bygone eras like the horse and buggy, handwritten notes and family dinner time.  Soon there will be nowhere to hide, with drones everywhere, street cameras watching every move, and smartphones tracking our every movement.  Creepy perhaps, but it seems like it’s becoming more accepted in society.  Now you can’t even sunbathe on a wind turbine.