Look at this Meme!

When meme’s collide! In order to understand today’s politics — it’s time to KNOW YOUR MEME. In order to understand why a Nickelback song from 2008 is trending on Twitter today.

This story starts at the global turn against the band. There is debate about when the tide turned. It’s either:

  1. A general outgrowing and distaste for grunge that sounds like a copy of a copy
  2. Chad Kroeger’s voice that some might say sounds like “a creepy maroon 5”
  3. A very embarassing UK furniture advertisement:

About the meme: according to Know Your Meme, “On April 27th, 2015, YouTuber Euphemism for Magic uploaded a video titled “Nickelstats,” in which Kroeger is shown holding a framed bar graph while singing “Look at this graph” (shown below). The same day, the video was submitted to the /r/youtubehaiku subreddit, where it received upwards of 4,500 votes (95% upvoted) and 120 comments in the first two weeks.”

It’s since been a long parodied meme and had huge success on Vine.

Apparently Trump tried to use the meme this morning to further his story against Hunter Biden.

However as you can see, Nickelback reported the video for copyright infringement…

Maybe Nickleback is due for a comeback?

Photograph by Nickelback also happens to be Shantie’s favorite song….

Why It’s Hot?

I personally love the depth of understanding that’s required for internet memes. But it’s a language that so many are fluent in, maybe without even understanding all the parts…

Lowe’s Explores Native Tools on Vine, Instagram

Lowe’s is experimenting with native video tools on Vine and Instagram.

The retailer’s new Vine video series, called “How-To Tap Thru,” uses the network’s tap-to-pause technology to turn a short video clip into step-by-step DIY tutorials, while its Instagram videos, dubbed “HyperMade,” use the platform’s HyperLapse feature to create time-lapse clips showing the progress of a project from start to finish.

Watch Vine series here: https://vine.co/Lowes

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.24.26 PM

Read more here.

Why It’s Hot

Taps into existing tech and user behavior in a way that is not forced, but rather makes projects seem more possible.

  • “We’re moving away from simple tips and we’re showing more complex projects that are still easy to do,” said Brad Walters, director of social media at Lowe’s.

Uses popular DIY-driven, inspirational platforms to distribute content and make it more discoverable.

  • Check Lowe’s Pinterest How-to pinboard: http://www.pinterest.com/lowes/how-you-how-to/
  • Check Lowe’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFeo_VZF9hw

See similar initiatives by Lowe’s posted on Hot Sauce here (e.g., “Fix in Six” Vine series).

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.33.57 PM 


Red Vines Shifts Gears to Instagram & Vine

As social media strategists, we’re aware of the continued squeeze Facebook has been putting on organic content on the platform. Because of this shift, American Licorice, the maker of candy, Red Vines, has re-prioritized its social media efforts on platforms such as Instagram and Vine.

According to this article on Adweek, “although Facebook is a part of American Licorice’s social efforts, the marketer’s most creative work arguably takes place on Vine and Instagram. Red Vines was one of the first brands to launch on Vine, starting out with simple stop-motion videos and evolving to clips that tell stories through products.”

The brand is also exploring interesting marketing techniques including launching “Licorice Flix,” a Kickstarter-funded effort to create edible movie mosaics (as seen below).

Read more about it here and here.

Why It’s Hot

According to Michael Kelly, the media and communications manager at American Licorice Co., the type of nimble and creative social media content development is helping to amplify awareness of the brand in areas where traditional advertising isn’t being conducted. “What was traditionally a regional brand, we’ve now grown to a point where we’re up something like 20 points in awareness in the East (Coast) where we’ve never even done any proactive, traditional advertising,” Kelly said.”

The Hottest Line at New York Fashion Week? It’s Bleach!

Hanging around Lincoln Center this time of year, all the buzz is about the most gorgeous new lines from designers at New York Fashion Week. This year, a new brand it’s making its debut in the flurry of fashion. It’s Clorox. Yes, as in Clorox Bleach.

Clorox is using a digital activation to promote a new line of bleach products called Smart Seek Bleach. A digital booth near Lincoln Center will have TV screens (that play branded Clorox videos) and space to shoot new short videos. The idea is that consumers can pose with Clorox models and props in a photobooth-esque environment to create their own fashion show, with the content automatically uploading to Facebook. Consumers can also win prizes such as tickets to Fashion Week events and coupons.

As Adweek further explains, “Clorox has also created 10 Vine videos that loop together to create a virtual fashion show—dubbed Cloey De La Rox—around a line of patterned and colored briefs. Screens inside the Fashion Week booth will play the videos.”

Read more about Clorox at Fashion Week on Adweek.

Why It’s Hot | What better place for laundry detergent to be than at Fashion Week! The week’s events typically focus on fashion (obviously), but Clorox was quite clever to include their product in an environment where consumers already have apparel on the mind. Even better, they did so in a way that mirrors other brands participating in Fashion Week – with interactive booths and socially shareable experiences.

HP Makes TV Ad Entirely from Vines

HP recently released a new 30-second commercial spot for their Pavilion x360 – a notebook that turns into a tablet – that was made completely from Vines. The ad is a strung-together montage of short videos made by high-profile Viners such as Robby Ayala, who has 2.8 million followers on the platform.

According to WSJ, ” the idea, says Rob Le Bras-Brown, HP’s senior vice president of marketing in its printing and personal systems unit, was to “find creative people in social media, particularly ‘vine-ographers,’ and give them the machine and invite them to be creative with it in six seconds.” ”

Several other brands have already embraced using Vine content for their ads, keeping in-line with the trend to connect TV and digital audiences. The effect that HP’s new ad will have on interest and sales remains to be seen.

Read the full story on the Wall Street Journal’s blog.

Why It’s Hot | Crowdsourced-content-for-advertising that has become so trendy lately, and what’s even more popular is hiring social media superstars to create content. Despite the fact that they’re still hired talent, social media superstars do seem more relatable to many consumers, and more interesting.


Snapchat Adds Video Chat, Instant Messaging

Snapchat has announced two new features, transforming the photo sharing app into a far more versatile affair: Video chat and instant messaging.

Users can access the new features by swiping the screen to the right from the camera screen which will display a list of their friends, with whom they can start a video chat, or send a message.

In the vein of Snapchat’s ever-disappearing content, when users leave the chat screen, the messages viewed by both parties will be cleared. However, users can still save a screenshot at any time by simply tapping on the screen.

When it comes to video chat, the app will alert a user when their friends are “online” and actively reading chat messages. Users can then press and hold the blue alert button and start a live video chat.

Learn more about the new features here.

Why It’s Hot

It seems like all social networks/apps are in a constant battle to be the first to hold the title as the prominent and most innovative form of social interaction/communication. Not only did Snapchat launch a messaging feature this week, but Facebook launched a Snapchat-esk “selfie” capability to it’s messenger app. Previously, Instagram introduced the option for users to send uploads to all their followers or just a select group and even Vine now has a messaging feature. As platforms and apps evolve, the features that once made them distinct seem to be merging with one another. Is this a necessary evolution to include messaging or is it diluting the purpose of each platform? Are they losing their identity or is this a strategic move to win the competition for our ever-fleeting attention?

Coke Promotes Freestyle Fountain Machine With Clever Vine Shorts

Coca-Cola tapped Vine celebrity Zach King to help promote its new Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain machine, which can create more than 100 drink combinations, in a series of fun and clever six second videos. King, known as the “Vine Magician” for his use of special FX in the medium, helped create the Vines with the aim of capturing the fun, choice and possibility of Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Why It’s Hot

Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders is a strategy marketers talk about often. Strategically speaking, Vine is the perfect medium for reaching the target audience of the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and Zach’s combination of  technology and magic tend to go viral with great frequency. The first two posts have already generated more than 53,800 Likes and 30,000 Re-Vines. The series rolled out a new video each Monday throughout the month of February.