Deposit your candy corn and Necco wafers here

Mashable, Forbes and others have been keeping lists of the most loved and most hated Halloween candy for several years running. It seems that tons of free, artificially colored clumps of sugar are just not good enough for many Americans.

Reese’s saw an opportunity and created this machine that works kind of like a bottle recycling machine: put your crappy candy in and get some Reese’s candy in return.

Why it’s Hot

Trust me, it’s hot.

Buy your car from a vending machine

Imagine putting a coin into a 5-story tall vending machine and having it dispense the car of your choice.  That became reality this week when Carvana unveiled a giant car vending machine in Nashville, TN.

The vending machine glass tower can hold up to 20 cars at a time.  And while it’s not quite a simple as walking up and choosing a car, it’s close.  Buyers first select and purchase the car on the Carvana site.  They then go to the vending machine and search for their name in a kiosk.  To complete the transaction, they insert a special coin to start the process and watch as their car is delivered to them.

Why it’s hot

Cars in a giant vending machine creates a fun experience for the buyer and takes some of the stress out of the process.  And while the process is not much different than researching a car online and then making the purchase, the pickup experience is much more satisfying and memorable.  It’s a clever way to create a big impression with a new car and leverages the basic human instinct of inserting a coin in a machine and watching what magic happens.