Headphones that translate 40 languages

Designed to work with the Google Pixel 2 smartphones, the Pixel Buds wireless earphones can work as a universal translator and have conversations across 40 languages.

Speak one language into the earphones, the smartphone will translate it and speak the other language out loud on the phone using Google Translate app.



Why it’s hot: language might no longer be a barrier to moving around the world. When will technology help us transcribe different languages? Maybe also animal languages?

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Now You’re Speaking My Language – Skype Translator

Micorsoft has launched Skype Translator, a language translation tool that is able to automatically translate conversations between speakers of two languages in real-time. The technology is a package of four products stitched together into one experience. First it transcribes spoken words into text, which is displayed as a running feed alongside the video call. Next, it takes out the repetitious words (ahh’s, umm’s, ohh) from the conversation, while also adding punctuation to the written feed. It then translates the conversation and reads it aloud to the user in the correct language. The program takes about 4-5 seconds to do all of this in a real-time conversation.

Why It’s Hot:

The ability to talk to anyone in the world, face to face, without the need of a human translator is quite revolutionary. Especially at the speed of which the technology can maintain the conversation. This will certainly be put to use in schools all over the world as a way to easily connect and explore other cultures in the comfort of the classroom walls. As the technology matures, the implications for this on international business and small businesses in particular could be very large.