The Real Time Taxi

United Airlines started to face a challenge when they moved all of their flights from JFK to Newark – New Yorkers do not like to fly from Newark because they considered it too far away. To help with this problem, the airline created a data-centric campaign using digital displays on taxis to give live companions of travel times to JFK and Newark.

They worked with Verifone (tech company) to create the technology and Curb (taxi-hailing app) to provide real-time travel time estimates to each airport based on the cars location and traffic.

As a result, more than 810,000 new passengers chose to fly out of EWR during the period the campaign ran.

Why it’s hot: Price and convenience are key drivers that influence consumer decisions when it comes to purchasing flight tickets. United Airlines’ campaign cleverly used live data and met a key consumer pain point – convenience.

Source: Contagious

NYC Taxis Finally Have Their Own App

iphone-1@2x.9D937DA8C82A24C98213AB1F67E01ABA-308x6441A new app is helping traditional taxi cab drivers catch up with the times. Arro is a smartphone app that works like Uber, but instead lets you hail a yellow or green taxi cab and pay for it with the touch of a button.

This isn’t the fist attempt at integrating e-hailing applications amongst traditional taxis, but no effort has yet garnered enough support to challenge Uber and Lyft. But while these ride sharing giants are known for surge prices, Arro promises to eliminate the threatens to eliminate the annoying charge—a move that threatens to undercut their competitors.

There are a few other reasons why a traditional taxi app hasn’t yet gained traction in the mobile market. City legislation has made it difficult for new players to enter the game, meanwhile taxi fleets are operating by a number of different payment platforms.

In New York City, Arro indicates a break in this trend. The startup has paired up with Creative Mobile Technologies, the operator of one of NYC taxis’ main platforms, and is currently in negotiations with Verifone Systems, the company behind the other. Now, taxi drivers who use the app will be able to receive payments (and get tips) through the screens that already sit in their dashboards.

Source: PSFK

Why It’s Hot

Uber seems unstoppable these days, which has put a lot of pressure on traditional taxis to catch up with something big. Perhaps this will even the playing field — or essentially make pricing for cabs even more competitive for consumers.