Shuttershock Gets Strange…Imagines Stranger Things 3 with Only Stock Imagery

In preparation for the July 4 release of Netflix’s Stranger Things 3, Shutterstock has gotten in on the world of the Upside Down by releasing its own version made entirely of Shutterstock stock footage.

Via Adweek:

If you’re eagerly awaiting the July 4 debut of Stranger Things’ third season—dubbed Stranger Things 3—on Netflix, Shutterstock is hoping it can quench your thirst with a version of its own, made entirely from stock footage.

The stock-footage company’s new campaign, Strange Things, intended to parody the science-fiction horror aesthetic that’s made Stranger Things a pop-culture phenomenon and the recipient of dozens of awards nominations.

“Enjoy binge watching strange things?” the ad for Shutterstock reads as an ominous synth plays. “Well, you’re in luck. We have millions of strange things. Like 80’s things, shady things, upside down things—and even stranger things.”

Save for the iconic cast of the show, the video—made entirely from Shutterstock’s own assets—points to the breadth of the company’s stock-footage library.

Spotify’s Spoopy Things

Spotify and Stranger Things teamed up to flip your world upside down. Since season one was so groovy, Spotify swooped in making sure we’d be bopping to the most tubular tunes while anticipating the release of season 2 (out now on Netflix!!). With just a few clicks, a character playlist is generated based on your listening habits. I got Steve’s playlist, while I wasn’t thrilled with the character pairing, Everybody Wants To Rule The World started playing and suddenly I wasn’t so mad at it anymore. Check out the site here: Spotify x Stranger Things. You can get a recommended playlist even if you don’t link your account!

Like, it’s totally radical, I couldn’t have thought of something more wicked. 
They even had this grody feature turning Spotify into the Demogorgon’s Upside Down!
Why It’s Hot: Because things could’ve been stranger but it’s finally time to grab those eggos and enjoy (binging) season 2!