Snickers Puts the “Video” in Video Games


Knowing that videos tend to run the risk of being skipped, Snickers developed a way to keep viewers engaged by developing video game videos.

In line with their “You’re not you when you are hungry” campaign platform, the first features a school-bus driver whose hunger has turned him into a WWE wrestler with incessant road rage. In the second, a hungry tennis umpire has transformed into a whining rockstar.

In both scenarios, a series of Snickers bars float across the screen towards the character’s outstretched hand, but the viewers must click the pause button at the correct moment to help the characters grab them.

If they’re successful, the WWE wrestler calms down into a bus driver, and the musician morphs back into an umpire. If not, they’ve got nine more tries to get it right.

Why It’s Hot:

  • Smart and entertaining way to engage viewers when consuming video
  • It’s another example of how platforms, such as YouTube, are flexing to service creative ideas led by agencies
  • Shows the growing trend of choosing to develop platform-digital-specific work rather than “copy and paste” TV commercials, which generally don’t perform as well


Snickers Found Amusing Fails All Over NYC and Put These Stickers Next to Them

An innovative new out-of-home campaign for Snickers, in which the candy brand found goofy mistakes all around New York City—and put stickers next to them that read, “You make mistakes when you’re hungry.”

The fails are curious and amusing in their own right, of course, which is what makes this idea work so well. Adding a little snarky sticker caps them off perfectly. It helps that Snickers has had affection for people’s mistakes for a long, long time.

The campaign extended to social media, as the brand encouraged fans to share any #hungrymistakes they found or had made themselves.

snickers-stickers-ooh-1 snickers-stickers-ooh-4 snickers-stickers-ooh-5

Why It’s Hot

Snickers took a popular trend, posting real life fails on social and the internet, and made it work for them. This out-of-home campaign is smart, simple and relevant for all audiences.

Snickers Got YouTubers to Post Terrible Videos as If They Recorded Them Hungry

Another fun take on the brand’s “You’re Not You” 5-year old campaign, Snickers got video bloggers all over the world to post intentionally bad videos—pretending they recorded them while they were hungry, and thus weren’t themselves.

The “You’re Not YouTube” campaign launched simultaneously in 8 countries and included 13 popular “how-to” video bloggers on YouTube. In each video, the host is obviously not themselves and presents themselves in a way that is completely out of the ordinary of what their subscribers would expect.

For example, the US based video blogger, Jessica Harlow, who is typically very put together, shares a video that gives subscribers a “how-to” on how to let yourself go.

Why It’s Hot

There’s no better way to reach an audience and give a campaign a fresh look than by working with influencers. Across platforms and media types, influencers are dynamic content creators that truly know how to engage their audience – especially younger consumers. Not only did Snickers recognize their campaign needed a refresh to appeal to younger consumers, but adding international influencers added a layer of global reach that was a strong extension of the campaign.