Have your skin checked, period.

A non-profit called Melanoma Know More partnered with content platform Popsugar to bring awareness of skin cancer Melanoma and remind readers of cancer screening.

When a reader browses health and wellness content on the site and scrolls past a period at the end of a sentence, a pop-up window will come up with information on warning signs of melanoma, a type of skin cancer.


Why it’s hot: Many types of cancer, if detected early, are curable. By making this information part of a reader’s reading experience can help reduce the fear or stress associated with cancer and increase the chance of the reader’s cancer screening.


Clever PSA has Beach Sun-Worshipers Taking to Shade for Free WiFi

The Peruvian League Against Cancer has built a special tower on the Playa Agua Dulce, which offers wireless internet connectivity—but only to people standing in the tower’s shadow.

On top of the structure, a directional antenna attached to a sensor limits the scope of the signal and rotates with the sun. The login page for the network, which supports some 250 users at a time, includes prevention information about skin cancer.

When users log on to the network, they also provide the cancer association valuable analytics on how much time they’re spending in the shade. Skin cancer from UV light exposure affects more than three million people each year. Although sunscreen provides some protection, seeking shadow is an often overlooked and easy solution to reducing skin cancer risks.

Cancer foundations around the world are excited by the potential of this system. Shadow Wi-Fi’s developer, Happiness, has released access to the software for non-profit use. Cancer foundations around the world can set up the system, without ICT knowledge.



According to Adolfo Dammert Ludowieg, president of Liga Contra el Cáncer, “[Shadow Wi-Fi] has changed sun-worshipers’ behavior and educated them about the value of becoming shadow-worshipers at the most harmful hours of the day, between 12 and 4pm.”

Agency Happiness Brussels helped set up the rig and is planning similar installations in partnership with local organizations in San Francisco and New Zealand.

Why It’s HOT: This clever tower with great utility offers a service in high-demand and in exchange raises awareness while encouraging behavioral changes to minimize skin cancer risk.

Sources: This Giant Shady Tower Tricks Beachgoers Into Avoiding the Sun by Offering Free WiFi | Adweek and Wi-Fi That Only Works in Shade Intends to Prevent Skin Cancer

L’Oreal Spotlights Dalmatians For Skin Cancer Push

Skincare brand La Roche-Posay has launched an international health campaign to combat skin cancer, titled “Skinchecker”. Featuring some of the world’s most photogenic Dalmatians, a video follows the dogs as they lovingly check out each others’ spots, playing with the insight that many women are more apt to check for signs of skin cancer on loved ones than on themselves. The campaign for the L’Oreal-owned brand is scheduled to break in the U.S. next month, with digital and social elements to educate consumers about skin cancer.

Why it’s Hot

La Roche-Posay, has been running the “SOS – Save Our Skin” campaign in the US for six years, but this is an attempt to tackle the issue globally. “Knowing if you are at risk is critical in skin-cancer prevention and education; early detection and protection make a difference,” states the brand in a press release. “The time for change is now, which is why La Roche-Posay is launching this worldwide campaign to spread awareness about the importance of self-checking and urging people to look out for those they care about.” The company hopes the monochromatic pups will take the video viral.

“If you care for someone have a look at their beauty spots, share and become a #skinchecker @larocheposayuki”