adidas makes 30,000 highlight reels…

In advance of this year’s Boston Marathon, Adidas says it’s planning to capture and create personal highlight videos for all 30,000 runners of this year’s race.

According to the plan: “Adidas will deliver videos to the 30,000 runners taking part in the marathon within a few hours of them completing the race. Along with the runner’s personal highlights, the Here to Create Legend videos will also feature general race day footage and music.”

How it works: “RFID tags in the runners’ race bibs and street mats that emit ultra-high frequency radio waves will provide Adidas with data on each runners’ performance. Using this technology, the sportswear brand is able to capture all the footage for the videos with just seven cameras and a team of 20 people spread across the 26.2-mile course.

Why It’s Hot:

We often talk about the trend of ultra-personalized product or service experiences, but marketing hasn’t necessarily been a major part of that conversation. As this becomes peoples’ overall expectation of brands, it will have to adapt.

Plus, in another time, Adidas would’ve just made a nice commercial touting its 30 years of race sponsorship. But instead, it decided to devote time, money, and effort to adding something memorable to the experience of the athletes running the race it’s sponsoring.


Luggage checks itself in at airports

According to the Daily Mail, Samsonite and Samsung have been developing luggage that can identify itself, tell you if it’s being opened if you are not around and even follow you around.  Working through GPS locators, the luggage will sync with a smartphone app to keep you apprised of your luggage’s condition and location at all times. That means if you don’t see the luggage at the carousel when you get off a flight, you can immediately track it through your app.  It will also send an alert if it is moved or opened during the flight.

A built-in chip could also help bags check themselves in at airports.  The chip would ping the airport when you arrive, identify the luggage and remotely tag it with flight and destination.  You would then drop off the luggage at a carousel where it would be weighed and placed in line for onboarding.

Finally, the two companies are developing luggage that would follow about 6 inches behind you as you walk through the airport.  With a built-in motor and GPS tracker, the luggage would make walking through the airport or to your hotel much easier.

Samsonite’s Smart Luggage Can Check Itself in at the Airport

Why it’s hot

The ability to check your luggage automatically, track where it is and even see if it’s been opened are practical GPS applications that make your life easier and travel a little less stressful.  Once introduced, look for the trend in smart luggage to accelerate quickly.

Digital Dog Follows Prospective Owners in Search of Home

In a seamless execution marrying outdoor, guerrilla and digital tactics, the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home “#LookingForYou” campaign turned heads in London’s famed Westfield Stratford Mall.

Shoppers at the mall were treated with a touching personalized advertisement. Mall-goers were handed out special leaflets by Battersea and had a cute digital dog follow them around digital screens as they strolled the mall.

The key technology behind the execution was a RFID chip that the leaflets were embedded with.  The chip activated nearby screens in the mall. Walking across jumbo screens, an adorable dog named Barley will stroll with the person holding the leaflet. As they walk through the mall, Barley pops up like magic on screens to interact with the lucky passerby.

Watch the campaign video below:


Why Its Hot:

The campaign leveraged innovative technology to create a tailored experience and draw attention to a worthy cause. With the help of an adorable dog, the goal of creating an emotional connection with the shoppers was natural.

Sidenote: The charity, which has been around since 1860, re-homed an astounding 3,000 dogs in 2014. That averages into eight dogs moved into new families every day!