Spotify roles out pet playlists

Spotify can now generate playlists for your pets, with a new tool that claims to customize mixtapes to a critters’ species and personality traits.

The music-streaming service announced the feature Wednesday, noting that 71 percent of pet owners already play music for their pets.

The “Pet Playlists” tool allows users to choose between dog, cat, iguana, hamster and bird, then tell the platform how energetic or friendly their animal is to help Spotify “pick the playlist vibe,” the company says.

For instance, a playlist curated for a relaxed, curious and shy cat spits out 30 tracks including The Cure’s “All Cats Are Grey” and “Never Run Away” by lo-fi singer-songwriter Kurt Vile.

Spotify has also launched a podcast called “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast” that’s meant to soothe pups when their owners leave the house.

Sources: CNN Business, NY Post

Why It’s Hot:

Another example of appeal to people’s expanded passions, especially pet owners. Amazon has embraced it with pet profiles, and innovation in the category continues to grow.

Purina Street Campaign Tests Dogs’ Urine To Assess Health

Pet product brand Purina knows how much pet owners love their furry friends, and wants to encourage routine vet visits. Accordingly, its latest campaign in France involves an outdoor billboard that can check a dog’s health via its urine.

Special billboards use pheromones to attract dogs to urinate on them, and then will run the sample through several tests to tell the owner the results. The tests look specifically for four common problems— diabetes, kidney issues, urinary infection or cholesterol. The results even recommend a particular Purina diet or to take the dog to the vet’s office for a checkup.

The goal is not just to make sure people’s pets are healthy, but also to encourage customers to associate Purina with health and wellness for their pups. “Purina’s objective is to provide simple and efficient solutions to improve the wellness of our pets. We wanted to raise awareness on the importance of veterinary checkups, but also to offer a solution that fits in the daily lives of pet owners—the daily walk on the street or in the park,” Véronique Herman, marketing manager specialist at Nestlé Purina Pet Care, says in a statement.

Source: PSFK

Why It’s Hot: 

A good way to show a brand’s dedication a a broader cause for it’s audience, as well as execute on more innovation OOH marketing.


BarkPark, the ‘Outdoor Clubhouse’ for Dogs

Bark, the company behind subscription service BarkBox, is opening a dog park in Nashville. It will provide a place where dogs can roam free off their leashes, while serving as a social gathering spot for their human friends.


Of course, there will be Bark branded toys and treats for dogs to try, with a selection available for purchase. There will also be free WiFi, a coffee shop, and weekly programming including live music and beer tastings.

To access BarkPark, dog owners will have to purchase day passes for $19 or select a membership package, with options for four-week ($49) or seasonal passes ($78). The members, however, are the dogs – which means any two humans can accompany the dog on any given visit. The pass can conveniently be shared by different family members and with dog sitters.

The Nashville location will open on September 8th for three months until its closed for the winter, giving Bark the chance to test and learn before considering opening up additional locations.

Why It’s Hot: 

BarkPark seems like a natural brand extension with high potential. They already do a great job of fostering loyalty among passionate dog lovers, and providing a place that owners and dogs can enjoy together will only cultivate that loyalty further.

Source: TechCrunch

Who doesn’t want to play amateur Maury Povich?

The 23 & Me craze has spilled into the animal kingdom for pet owners who want more info on their pet’s breed and medical predispositions. Companies such as Embark and AnimalBiome will gladly take your money to test your dog or cat’s dna. Is it worth it? Probably more for dog owners curious about their breed, but don’t spend too much.







Click here to see video.

Why It’s Hot

While there’s nothing wrong with digging into your pet’s dna, it does feel like someone is taking advantage of a larger trend.

Amazon appeals to my furbaby emotions

This week I received an email from Amazon:

Well, ok!

Why It’s Hot

The value proposition is relevancy and savings — I’ll get coupons for exactly what my pets need. But there’s also an emotional element to being able to create profiles for my babies! I think they’ve displayed an understanding of target audiences — ie pet owners — in a way that is uniquely possible with Amazon’s data engine. I assume it will get smarter over time as I search and purchase and use coupons. This could actually be enough to get me moving my pet purchases from to Amazon if the value is high enough.

Curiosity, the complex cat

Area 51? Area 2? Looks like the cat’s out of the bag and they’re back with even more catspiracy theories. PetSafe has returned with a sequel to their 2016 ad Catspiracy: The ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine. These furry friends are here to share their thoughts on how the “automatic high-tech robot” makes collecting easier for the humans to profit off of. That’s right, these felines are fixed on the idea that humans are collecting their turds to sell them in bulk. But wait there’s more, humans are actually “using their metal firebirds to haul our turds off to this – a massive sub-zero storage facility,” says Roswell, in reference to the night ball.

Why it’s the main scoop:
Step aside moon landing conspiracy theories, Cindy Clawford has a more pressing theory about the massive sub-zero storage facility: kitty litter is grey, the night ball is grey, coincidence? I think not.

Let’s hope these little friends never find out the truth about where their turds go, it may be a catastrophe if they knew. 

Source: AdWeek

Petlandia – Personalized Story Book About Your Pet!

Petlandia is a service that allows users to edit an avatar to look like their pet and then puts them into a story book. I went through it with my cat, Miso.

Miso, for reference.

I started off by editing an avatar to make it like Miso. Colors and pattern seem to be the major customizable features.

Then I entered details about him and his owners (me and my girlfriend Meg).

And that was it! I had a book all about my kitty.


There’s about 30 pages in the book that I could purchase it for $30.


I browsed their site about after purchasing the book as a Christmas present to my cat (I hope he likes it!) and found that they have an app where you can make stickers for your pets to send in chats. …I had to try it.

I downloaded the app from the App Store.

There’s no logging in, so I had to make Miso’s avatar again. Look at him with his cute lil face!

I sent a sticker to Meg on Facebook, but she reminded me that we have two cats and I can’t play favorites.

So back to the app which allows you to create multiple pets to make some Allister stickers.

Meg was happy with the results.

Why it’s Hot:

  • Quick and easy way to personal merchandise
  • The app is like Bitmoji, but for pets

Here’s their site so you can make your own pet books:





Baby Come Back – an app for finding missing pets


Using facial recognition technology, PiP is revolutionizing the process for finding lost pets. Photos of found pets are uploaded to the PiP app and are analyzed and matched with photos of pets identified as lost. When your pet’s photo and any uniquely identifying features are registered in their system, Pip can quickly determine a match between your lost pet and any pet found in your area.

Why It’s Hot

Download the free iPhone app (Android is coming soon) and register your cat or dog by snapping a few close-ups and paying the $1.50/month subscription fee. Then should your pet ever go missing, you can activate PiP’s Amber Alert System, which informs local animal control, rescue agencies and social media outlets of his disappearance- meaning you don’t have to call 100 different places individually. You will also receive personalized care from a PiP rep who will contact you to listen, offer support and provide updates of their progress in finding your lost pet.

Simultaneously, any picture of a found pet that’s uploaded to PiP (either by an official agency or a Good Samaritan) will be analyzed using this most advanced facial-recognition technology. If a probable match is identified for a pet that’s been reported missing, the owner will be notified immediately.
The Pet Recognition Company’s CEO Philip Rooyakkers maintains that the technology is 98 percent accurate and doesn’t falsely raise hopes. Plus, in the six weeks since its debut, the app has already brought home several lost animals.
It’s an emotional roller coaster when you lose a pet. Knowing there is an app that you can use as a pet Amber Alert to connect to all local agencies and social media users brings some peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to find your pet. PiP is a new technology for ensuring lost pets are re-united with their owners.