disney creates a magical bench…

…you could interact with pretty much anything your mind can dream up.

Disney Research developed a somewhat lo-fi solution for mixed reality that requires no special glasses or singularity type of stuff. Its “Magic Bench” allows people to interact with things that aren’t there, watching the action in 3rd person view, on a screen broadcasting them. It even provides haptic feedback to make it feel like the imaginary character or object truly is on the bench with you.

Why It’s Hot:

1) It’s a great example of technology enabling a physical experience without getting in the way. Historically, augmented/mixed reality required some type of personal technology like glasses/headset, or a phone. This requires nothing from the user but their presence.

2) It shows how Disney is using technology to create experiences that extend its “magical” brand into the digital age.


exploring the reality of mixed reality…

Strange Beasts from Magali Barbé on Vimeo.

I came across the short film Strange Beasts this week, which in a way slightly lighter than Black Mirror explores the peculiar realities of a mixed reality world. The full 5 minutes are well worth watching, it’s a quick story, but the pertinent parts are probably the first minute, and from about 2:40-4 minutes, when it implies its central philosophical question. I thought this would make for a good discussion.

Why It’s Hot:

Mixed reality is obviously a topic du jour among emergent technologies, a step beyond virtual reality – enabling us to see things ourselves that aren’t there in any tangible, physical sense (as we currently understand physical tangibility). The question is – what kind of place will the “real world” be when everyone can for all intents and purposes be experiencing their own “world”, cordoning themselves off into their own ecosystem of things, beasts, and even friends and family? Plus, we think we look ridiculous with a virtual reality headset on…