DeepMind? Pffft! More like “dumb as a bag of rocks.”

Google’s DeepMind AI project, self-described as “the world leader in artificial intelligence research” was recently tested against the type of math test that 16 year olds take in the UK. The result? It only scored a 14 out of 40 correct. Womp womp!

“The researchers tested several types of AI and found that algorithms struggle to translate a question as it appears on a test, full of words and symbols and functions, into the actual operations needed to solve it.” (Medium)

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Why It’s Hot

There is no shortage of angst by humans worried about losing their jobs to AI. Instead of feeling a reprieve, humans should take this as a sign that AI might just be best designed to complement human judgements and not to replace them.

Can’t Solve for X? Take a Picture.

From Casio calculator watches to TI-86 calculators. Every generation has there go-to gadget for solving math’s hardest equations but kids never had it so easy as they do now. Introducing PhotoMath, a new app for smartphones that will not only help you solve mathematical problems, but show you exactly how it was all done. As easy as taking a photo, the app uses your smartphone’s camera to scan math problems directly from a textbook. If you want to learn more about the math problem, PhotoMath will even give you the step-by-step path how it solved the equation, so you can learn on how it worked out a solution.

Why It’s Hot:

The industry has produced real time text recognition apps in the past (Google-owned Word Lens), but this takes things into a whole new category. Although teachers may not be welcoming this type of technology in the learning process, it could be beneficial to increase parent confidence when helping their kids do homework and help the children work through problems when a teacher is not present.