Is a $250 Onesie the way to sell a $250,000 space flight?

The New York Times reported that Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s company promising to take passengers to the edge of space on a rocket-powered plane, has released the space outfits its customers will wear on their trip.

In line with the Virgin brand, the marketing focus is on the look and style, rather than the substance of the experience itself.

“I think every single person who goes to space will be delighted with it,” Mr. Branson said in an interview. “I think the whole experience of going to space should be sexy. Our spaceships are sexy. Our mother ships are sexy. Our spaceport is sexy. And for younger people than myself, this suit is also sexy.”

Why it’s hot: 

Is selling a $250,000, once-in-a-lifetime experience on style idiotic or smart? I’m not sure whether to laugh or nod. Let’s discuss.

Louis Vuitton ventures into esports

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton and video game developer/esports tournament organizer Riot Games have announced a partnership, starting with the 2019 League of Legends World Championships.

For the Championships, Louis Vuitton is creating a one-of-a-kind Trophy Travel Case for holding the world champions’ trophy, called the Summoner’s Cup. Previously, Vuitton has created similar travel cases for other sporting events including a laser-engraved titanium case for the FIFA World Cup.

The trophy case features Louis Vuitton’s iconic logo and design, with additional elements related to League of Legends. It will be unveiled publicly at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and eventually given out Nov. 10 in the same city, where League of Legends is holding its world championship this year.

But wait, there’s more. The partnership also includes the creation of a capsule collection of clothing from Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections, as well as in-game digital assets like champion skins.

Why it’s hot:
Louis Vuitton’s new partnership continues the brand’s embrace of digital endeavors to accompany its physical products and marketing.

The pairing of a luxury non-endemic brand entering the esports scene is not one often seen. However, it creates a huge opportunity for Louis Vuitton, especially in expanding its consumer base. With millennials said to drive about 130% of luxury market growth in the next seven years, the gaming space could be a key area for expansion.

Louis Vuitton joins others including State FarmGilletteRed Bull, and Axe to embrace the esports world. A category in which 2019 revenues are forecast to rise by 27% and estimated to top $1.1 billion.

Ralph Lauren Goes Tech

Ralph Lauren unveiled a high-performance Polo Tech shirt at the start of the 2014 U.S. Open. The Polo Tech shirt merges biometrics into active lifestyle apparel, marking a revolution in advanced technology designed to improve general wellness and increase personal fitness. The shirt features sensors knitted into the core of the product to read biological and physiological information. The data collected by the shirt is stored by a “black box,” which includes an accelerometer and gyroscope, which capture movement and direction. That ”black box” transmits the data into the cloud, where it is plugged into a number of algorithms that gauge important performance-oriented biometrics, including heartbeat and respiration, as well as some psychometrics such as stress level and energy output.

Why It’s Hot:

Our vision is that this will transcend sports to help us at every age and in every aspect of life. Reaching far beyond just the needs of elite athletes, Polo Tech will offer innovative technology for all ages and lifestyles to promote general wellness and quality of life.” David Lauren Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

As wearable technology continues to emerge as a hot trend moving forward, many more luxury brands will be jumping for a chance to take a slice of the pie. Ralph Lauren is getting ahead of the game by creating a useful garment to appeal to the affluent tennis/golf/fitness audience that the brand tends to attract.

Fabergé campaign puts beacons inside 275 eggs across New York

A fundraising event launching in New York claims to be the largest public deployment of Bluetooth-enabled beacons, giving participants in a citywide egg hunt a way to access clues, rewards and other information.

The Big Egg Hunt is being sponsored by Fabergé and will benefit two nonprofits: Studio in a School and Elephant Family. For the event, more than 200 egg sculptures, each created by a leading artist, designer or creative, have been placed around New York, with consumers encouraged to find and check-in at the eggs as well as bid on them via a mobile application (e.g., created by Diane von Furstenberg, Ronnie Wood, Marc Quinn and Bruce Weber).

Mechanics | Unlocking the clues

  • The eggs have been hidden in public places across all five boroughs of New York.
  • To participate in the egg hunt, consumers are encouraged to download Fabergé’s The Big Egg Hunt mobile app to unlock clues as they hunt for the eggs.
  • Using the app, consumers will be able to check in when they find an egg.
  • The location of a specific egg will remain a secret until 10 people have checked in for that egg. After that, the egg’s location will appear on a public interactive map.
  • The winners of the egg hunt will receive Fabergé jewelry valued in excess of $30,000.
  • The eggs will be gathered together for a free exhibit at Rockefeller Center from April 18 to April 25.
  • The event is being held in partnership with Sotheby’s, who will auction off the eggs at the end of the event on April 22, with the egg hunt ending on April 26.


egg auction

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Why It’s Hot

Another interesting physical/digital play, leveraging: a) the city as a playground, b) art as content, c) gaming elements as engagement drivers, d) Bluetooth technology as an enabler, e) cause marketing as the hook and main reason to play…and f) bringing the tradition of an egg hunt into the modern age, allowing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to participate simultaneously.