You can now book an Uber ride without a phone for the first time

uber kiosk

For the first 10 years, Uber was more or less useless to those without a phone. But that’s finally starting to change.

Earlier this month, the ride-hailing giant rolled out a kiosk at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport that allows passengers to book a ride without a smartphone. The company says it’s designed to create greater access for travelers who might have a difficult time using the app because of language or tech issues.

Why it’s hot: book rides with no data plan or cell phone reception.


Uber Sets Up Curbside Breathalyzer

Drunk driving accidents triple after midnight in Canada. To make the streets Uber safe, they set up a roadside kiosk in Toronto that functions as a breathalyzer. Those over the legal limit received a free Uber ride home. The stunt has been so successful that the company has mentioned that more machines may begin appearing in the drinking districts of other cities where Uber operates, although such a service would unlikely remain free for too long.

Why It’s Hot: 
Consumers are intrigued by companies who use technology creatively and Uber is best-in-class for consistently delivering novel ideas that grab headlines.


KeyMe. Copy Keys, Solve Lockouts

KeyMe is a new smarphone app that allows its users to scan their keys and automatically uploads a digital version to the cloud. People are now able to copy keys instantly by opening up the app and requesting a copy be made and sent to their address.

KeyMe was also designed to solve lockouts. People can find locksmiths and show them the picture of the key that was scanned in the app. The locksmith will be able to make a new key quickly and at a low cost.

KeyMe also has 5 different kisoks set up around NYC. If it’s late at night and a locksmith itsnt available, there are 24 hour kiosks that can produce new keys.               



Why It’s Hot: People are always losing house keys, apartment keys, car keys, all sorts of keys. Now it is super easy to take a picture of your key, have it stored in the app KeyMe, and have a copy made or a brand new key when necessary.