coke’s “search of a lifetime”…

Being young is about searching – for who you are, what you want to do with your life, even simply what to do tomorrow. Hooking into this, Coca-Cola in Israel created “The Search of a Lifetime”. Using the top searches among young Israelis, they created targeted content to answer the life-defining questions they were asking around work, school, travel, etc. What’s more, they predicted and created content addressing what would likely be peoples’ next questions after answering the initial query. Ultimately, helping them find the answers, to make the decisions that would make them happy.

First, not enough brands use search to create meaningful connections with people. It’s a direct way to help them by answering the questions you know they’re asking. Second, more brands should be thinking beyond the initial interaction. Coke could have just answered the first question and moved on. Instead, they endeavored to understand how a young person would fully explore these topics, and made sure they completed the conversation.


Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, But Solar Panels Do

Sologic, an Israeli renewable energy start-up, has developed an innovative tree with solar panels for leaves. The tree, made out of metal tubing and designed to blend into parks and other public outdoor areas, is just like a natural tree but with a few added technical enhancements.

Sologic’s eTree offers shade, a water fountain, a WiFi hotspot, USB charging stations and even lights up at night, all powered by solar energy. According to the Israeli, the first eTree will be ‘planted’ in a park in northern Israel and the company is in talks to plant more in China and France.

Watch the video to learn more about the tree, or read more via NBC News.

Why It’s Hot: It seems that outdoor charging stations are becoming more popular in recent years as our inability to detach from our devices is becoming more of a reality. Sologic’s eTree has everything us tech lovers want and might have trouble finding outdoors. But eTree sets itself apart in that it doesn’t look like a random, industrial piece of technology invading Mother Nature’s beauty – rather, it blends in a bit more with its surroundings and serves a real purpose. After all, who doesn’t love taking countless sunny selfies and sharing them with friends? Now, the sky sun is the limit.