#TextsFromMom x Voicemails From Mom x Samsung

Not in the mood for another emotional Mother’s Day ad? Watch Samsung’s #TextsFromMom ad for a good laugh. For an added twist, Samsung included visible phone numbers so you can call the mom’s and listen to their voicemails. Try one! 1-813-750-2964

Why It’s HOT: Samsung added a new twist with voicemails making their 2015 Mother’s Day ad rather disruptive.

YouTube, We all Tube: Multi-Angle Viewing Comes to YouTube

Have you ever watched a video and wanted to view it from another angle? Maybe the shot was too wide or too close for your liking. Or perhaps you just want to be able to interact with your video content more closely.

Online video giant YouTube is trying out a new multi-angle viewing feature in a small-scale experiment rolling out this week.

Users can choose from one of four different angles and switch back and forth in real-time while the video plays. As of now, the new capability can only be experienced on one featured YouTube user’s channel. While other services have tried this feature before, YouTube has the sheer numbers and user base to make it work, with its 1 billion unique users each month.

Read more via Tech Crunch.

Why It’s Hot: Interactivity! It’s not enough to see interesting, entertaining content; people want to be able to engage with it too. Content becomes like a game. Perhaps instead of editors piecing bits of video together for a final product, viewers will soon be able to watch all recorded content and put it together in a way that suits them. The future of video is in our hands!

Make It Interesting. Make It Easy.



Why Its Hot:

In the age of digital with everything calling for interactive this and interactive that, we seldom come across actual digital campaigns that are in fact interactive. The majority of online advertising is just short films or extended commercials. They lack any role for the user, just for a viewer. As an industry I think we’ve reached a point that we can all agree that interactive advertising isn’t easy. The barriers are high to get people 1) interested 2) excited to spend time with your communication or “thing.” Honda has done a great job of overcoming these barriers with this fine piece if interactive work.The key to success is to make things that are interesting to people, but also provide an easy way to interact.