Meerkat reveals feature that allows users to employ GoPro for their livestreams.

On Thursday, Meerkat revealed a feature that allows its mobile-app users to employ GoPro’s high-definition cameras for their livestreams. Now, Meerkat fans can log on to see things from the real-time perspective of adventure seekers and even wildlife.


The feature was built with GoPro’s open-source software and marks the first time Meerkat users can include footage from outside the app.

How it works: Connect the GoPro to your iOS device as you normally would and open the Meerkat app. Shake it, and a prompt will pop up to start streaming directly from your GoPro device. Note that the current version of the iOS Meerkat app only supports GoPro 3 with GoPro 4 being available in the next update of the app.

Source: Adweek

Why It’s Hot

The Meerkat / Periscope wars are going to benefit users in many ways — advancements and enhancements like this are likely only just the beginning. I also like opening up more social uses of GoPro!

It will be interesting to see if the new, fun tool pushes more consumers to Meerkat, which significantly trails rival Periscope’s traffic, according to Adobe’s research.

And whether Twitter-owned Periscope follows suit with a GoPro play of its own will be worth watching—though it seems likely.

Extreme Sports Video Editing Made Easier with ‘Shred Video’

Action junkies out there rejoice! Instead of spending hours going through your GoPro footage of your sick moves through a massive wave or fresh powder on the slopes, a new startup called “Shred Video” will allow users to take footage from their iPhone, GoPro or drone and match it with a song from the users iTunes library to create a video for them.

Shred Video uses the acceleration of the camera itself to pin-point the moment of action for surfers, snowboarders, skaters and other extreme athletes out there. This highlights the coolest clips of your footage and matches the epic moments with the beat drop of the song.

Shred Video won’t work with static cameras but the hassle of editing hours of footage into a few minute video makes it worth it for iPhones and GoPros. It will cut down the videos in a matter of seconds.

The article says that for now, Shred Video is free to use, with extra costs around saving the video to your computer and removing the watermark for sharing.

Why Its Hot:

I know from personal experience that extreme sport enthusiasts out there who use GoPros leave it on the recording feature all day and will then spend a lot of time and effort to edit down their videos into a final clip of their best moments. This advanced technology that is being used here to deliver professional movie edits in seconds will better so many people. Whether you are truly an extreme sport expert or just a tourist exploring a new country or new hobby (like trying to surf) Shred Video could be beneficial to helping cut down the hassle and energy it takes to make a cool video.

Read more about Shred Video here, or check out their website here.

Hardcore: The World’s First Full-POV Action Movie

After earning viral success for his music video a year ago, musician and filmmaker Ilya Naishuller has created a new film that takes POV filming techniques to a new level.

Dubbed “Hardcore,” the film is touted as the world’s first full-POV action movie, meaning as the viewer you are experiencing the cinematic world from a complete 1st-person perspective… as if you are inside the body of the hero. “Hardcore” was filmed entirely using GoPro cameras and features an international cast.

Watching the sneak-peek below (begins at the 4-minute mark), you find the experience like a “live” action video game.

Why It’s Hot

“Hardcore” may not be the best movie ever made, but that’s not why we’re talking about it. “Hardcore” shows that filmmakers, creatives and advertisers need to rethink how we tell brand stories and communicate product experiences. Technology has already created platforms that enable first-person experiences. Marketing needs to become more about experiencing the world around a product, not just a gimmicky way of seeing the product itself.