stay perfectly hydrated with gatorade gx…

Gatorade introduced a prototype product it’s calling “Gatorade Gx”. It’s a combination of a patch you wear while working out, training, or whatever you call your physical/athletic activity, and a connected water bottle. It basically monitors how you’re sweating as you train, “capturing fluid, electrolyte, and sodium loss”.  Based on this, it lets you know when you should drink more, and if what you should drink is something specific based on your unique needs. That something specific being a “Pod” that has certain formula of electrolytes or nutrients you are losing as you sweat (your “electrolyte and carbohydrate needs”).

Why it’s hot:

As we see more uses of technologies like AI, biometrics, and connected sensors, products and services are becoming ultra personal. This is a personal hydration coach, filling a knowledge gap that otherwise only cues from your body might indicate you need. We should be keeping an eye on how brands are taking the old idea of “personalization” to its truest form, creating new ways to give them more than just a basic product or service.


You Have to Sweat It to Get It

Gatorade just launched a handful of videos that feature normal people going into a gas station convenience store, and trying to buy Gatorade.  The clerk then denies them their purchase because they didn’t break a sweat… they have to sweat it to get it.  From there, famous athletes come out and surprise the people.

Why It’s Hot

The videos have cumulatively gained hundreds of thousands of views, and hundreds of comments in a matter of four days.  Whether people think the idea of trying to attract a smaller audience- athletes- is smart, people are talking about it.  Any PR is good PR, right?