Ikea’s Life-size Pizza Table

Ikea and Pizza Hut have teamed up to create furniture inspired by the tiny white “pizza saver” table that sits in every pizza box. And of course, the tabletop perfectly fits a pizza box.

Pizza Hut x IKEA Säva Table Collaboration White Pizza

Each table arrives in a humorous package that resembles a pizza box and, like other products, comes with details on how to assemble the product. IKEA illustrates a step-by-step process on unpacking the different parts, assembling the legs, calling Pizza Hut, receiving the pizza and placing it on the perfectly-sized table.

Image result for ikea pizza hut

Earlier this week, the Hong Kong division of IKEA and Pizza Hut teased a menu option centered around the furniture and home furnishing purveyor’s famed Swedish meatballs, the Swedish Meatball Pizza.

Why It’s Hot

The unexpected collaboration is a fun way to generate buzz around a basic white table and cross-promote both brands.


New IKEA Furniture Will Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

The trend furniture retailer is at it again! Ikea is launching a new line of high-tech furniture that will be able to charge phones and tablets. As if that’s not enticing enough, the furniture will charge devices wirelessly.

The new line will feature bedside tables and lamps, but it doesn’t seem likely that Ikea will stop there. The retailer that has become so popular with their stylish solutions to organization and decluttering hopes to continue to help people cut down on their clutter – in this case, cable clutter.

ikea wireless charging

And don’t worry. For those of you who don’t want to replace your Ikea furniture, but do want your furniture to charge your devices, Ikea is also selling “charging pads” that blend into some of their most popular furniture pieces.

Read more about Ikea’s latest furniture innovation on CNN Money.

Why It’s Hot | Whenever we discuss “smart home technology,” it’s typically about computers handling utility tasks for us (i.e. turn on the lights, lock the door, turn off the over, moderate the temperature). It’s interesting that furniture chargers didn’t come about earlier with all the innovations in home, but now that they’re here, there’s no doubt they’ll catch on quickly.

IKEA Hacks Instagram

To help promote and introduce the PS 2014 Collection the Russian division of IKEA decided to up the ante by creating a website within the Instagram app itself.  The ikea ps 2014 account resembles a beautiful and functional online IKEA catalog.  The experience is divided into hero images of Tables, Chairs, Textiles, Light, Ideas, Storage, and Benches, that act as navigation categories. Clicking through the image categories will result in beautiful imagery featuring product information, pricing, and additional photos, much like a typical landing page.

Why It’s Hot:

It is a great way to use a tool that the target market is familiar with in way that experiments with how the actual platform is meant to be used.  Turning what is normally a one-off photo sharing application into a organized and useful site.