The Corona Running Boom?

It is clear that the Corona pandemic will radically change people’s behavior for the foreseeable future. What is less clear is precisely how behaviors will change and whether new habits will stick around after the pandemic is over (fingers crossed).

The New York Times reports that a running boom is happening–which makes sense given the number of people who can no longer exercise at gyms or indoors. But with potentially millions of people taking up running, how many of them will discover that they enjoy the habit and continue even when their gym membership is available again? The impact could be huge for years to come.

Running along the Hudson River.

Why it’s hot: What other activities are taking off? What activities are being displaced? What long-term impact could new habits have after the pandemic ends?

A Billboard That May Make You Sweat

Powerade has created a series of interactive “workout” billboards in Germany that let passersby use the advertisement to exercise.


Each board is specifically designed to support a single activity. Rock-climbing, punching bag, and pulley-bar. Each activity is designed around an engagement with the Powerade brand logo. Participants receive a free drink from a rep following their completed workout. I think it’s to wash down the embarrassment they face from onlookers watching their routine.

Why It’s Hot

Offbeat billboards seem to be a flavor of the week these days, but one that forces people into action with brand is sure to break through the clutter. While they are not feasible to execute en masse, the story can amplify. The key is not to have interaction be a gimmick; the action needs to tie into the brand ethos and “make sense.”