A Beerable Change

Carlsberg brewery to implement a new eco-friendly way to package its cans. The goal is to eliminate the plastic rings that have been detrimental to ocean life. The new “groundbreaking technology” is ….. glue! But not just any glue, they claim that it’s an eco-friendly glue that can withstand the trip from distribution, to shelves, into your cooler and still will be to be brittle enough to snap off when you want to crack a cold one open with the boys.

“Carlsberg made the decision with the goal of saving 1,200 tons of plastic, or the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags, annually. “

Carlsberg's new Snap Pack

Why It’s Hot:

Carlsberg claims that the move to this new packaging method will reduce its use of plastic to package the product by more than 75%. Meaning that less plastic out there polluting our oceans.

Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/405427-carlsberg-to-glue-beer-packaging-to-reduce-plastic-waste

Finding Relevancy Today for the Electrolux Brand

Electrolux wants to clean more than just your floors.

The Swedish home appliance giant now has the World Wide Vac, a digital vacuum cleaner to help people get rid of all their “digital dust” or clutter online. The World Wide Vac was created to help promote the brand’s new real-life vacuum cleaner, the UltraFlex. The digital vacuum analyzes and helps clean users mailboxes (and claims to help in the fight against climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions).

According to Electrolux, an average e-mail in an inbox equals 4 grams of carbon dioxide during its lifetime, and storing and computing data creates more carbon dioxide emissions than the aviation industry. Curbing that waste fits in with the company’s stated goal of reducing their own carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2020.

The campaign is focused on global earned media to support traffic to the worldwidevac.com and will also be supported by all of Electrolux’s social channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Why it’s hot:

Leading with a solid UX and creative for today’s digital consumer, plus providing actual utility tied to a “feel good” green impact… what’s not to love? Clearly the brand is in touch with current consumer expectations.