Make getting drunk great again

British data science company DataSparQ has developed facial recognition-based AI technology to prevent entitled bros from cutting the line at bars. This “technology puts customers in an ‘intelligently virtual’ queue, letting bar staff know who really was next” and who’s cutting the line.

“The system works by displaying a live video of everyone queuing on a screen above the bar. A number appears above each customer’s head — which represents their place in the queue — and gives them an estimated wait time until they get served. Bar staff will know exactly who’s next, helping bars and pubs to maximise their ordering efficiency and to keep the drinks flowing.”

Story on Endgadet

Why it’s Hot

Using AI to help solve these types of trifling irritations is better than having to tolerate other people’s sense of entitlement, though it also highlights the need to police rude behavior through something other than raising your kids well.

Budweiser: Drunk Drivers Kill Puppy Love

For Global Be(er) Responsible Day, Budweiser launched a video that doesn’t promote drinking, but rather being safe if you do.

Why It’s Hot

The video not only tugs at everyone’s heartstrings, but gets a great point across.  Don’t drink and drive.  I personally thought this was one of the best drinking and driving ads I’ve ever seen- something about including a puppy that loses it’s best friend just kills me inside.  Hopefully for people that normal ads don’t resonate with, maybe this will.