Wendy’s Joins the Pinterest Movement With These Cool Cinematic Pins – Draft

With its launch last month, Pinterest’s “cinematic pins” allows marketers and brands to create short animated pins to make their ads come to life. The gif-like videos play only when the user scrolls. Wendy’s is taking advantage of the trend by becoming one of the first high-profile brands to release a Pinterest campaign that includes four cinematic pins. The campaign highlights its new Strawberry Fields salad and features a strawberry’s lifecycle from farm to plate.

Watch an example here: http://bcove.me/2ebysg1i

Why it’s hot : Wendy’s is taking a bold step to show brands they can use Pinterests’ cinematic pins even if they’re not immediately selling the product online. The brand created a unique ad to fit the platform that is sure to inspire others in the category.

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