Barkeep, the Mixologist Chatbot

The next time you’re searching for a recipe on, you might see a cocktail pairing sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka. The two brands have teamed up on a mixologist chatbot, Barkeep, to recommend drinks and walk people through preparation.Tito Allrecipes bot

Barkeep is powered by natural language processing and a mixology database to suggest cocktails based on seasonality, popularity, and users’ preferences. The chatbot will be accessible by Facebook Messenger, as well as integrated within the Allrecipes search database.

Beyond recipes, the chatbot also features a catalog of on-demand alcohol delivery powered by Drizly.

The partnership is a natural fit — Allrecipes users are 20% more likely than the average U.S. adult to be frequent entertainers, and are more likely to have prepared a mixed drink in the past week. They are also 21% more likely than the general U.S. population to have consumed Tito’s Handmade Vodka in the last six months, according to comScore Fusion.

Why It’s Hot

39 million people use every month. This is a natural way to introduce cocktail pairings and alcohol delivery to a large, engaged audience.

Source: PR Newswire

Meet Tess: the mental health chatbot

If you’re experiencing a panic attack in the middle of the day or want to vent or need to talk things out before going to sleep, you can connect with Tess the mental health chatbot through an instant-messaging app such as Facebook Messenger (or, if you don’t have an internet connection, just text a phone number).

Tess is the the brainchild of Michiel Rauws, the founder of X2 AI, an artificial-intelligence startup in Silicon Valley. The company’s mission is to use AI to provide affordable and on-demand mental health support.

Tess mental health chatbot

A Canadian non-profit that primarily delivers health care to people in their own homes, Saint Elizabeth recently approved Tess as a part of its caregiver in the workplace program and will be offering the chatbot as a free service for staffers.

To provide caregivers with appropriate coping mechanisms, Tess first needed to learn about their emotional needs. In her month-long pilot with the facility, she exchanged over 12,000 text messages with 34 Saint Elizabeth employees. The personal support workers, nurses and therapists that helped train Tess would talk to her about what their week was like, if they lost a patient, what kind of things were troubling them at home – things you might tell your therapist. If Tess gave them a response that wasn’t helpful, they would tell her, and she would remember her mistake. Then her algorithm would correct itself to provide a better reply for next time.

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Why It’s Hot
While the accessibility of support like this is appealing, Tess raises the usual questions of mis-use and ‘mistakes’.

Curious to know how sexy your voice is?

A condom brand, Skyn, has tapped in a new way to create engaging experience with fans through Facebook messenger.

Skyn’s Facebook Messenger-based voice analyzer is a bot that rates voices sent through chat by sensuality, mystery, intensity and sophistication. Not only can the bot predict that but it can distinguish between male and female voices. In addition, it can interpret multiple languages such as English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish.

So what’s the goal of this? There has to be a catch, right? Well once the bot finishes analyzing your voice, it directs you over to the brand’s website, where consumers can check out which of its condom boxes suit them best.

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This Condom Brand’s Messenger Bot Analyzes Your Voice and Tells You How Sexy It Is

Why It’s Hot:

Not going to lie but this experience intrigued me. Isn’t everyone curious to find out how a bot can predict something like this? Technology is so fascinating. Anyways… I wanted to share this given the fact that the use of bots is on the rise and every brand constructs them differently to achieve different desired actions. Although some might not realize that this is a promotion for it’s products, the underlying fun aspect of the voice rater is a great way to spark curiosity and drive traffic to the website in a subtle way.

BBC Earth’s Messenger Chatbot Gives You a Dose of Happiness

Chatbots are predicted to change the way consumers interact with brands, but very few brands have actually succeeded with them. BBC Earth America is one of the latest brands to join the craze, with its “Real Happiness” project.

A recent survey jointly conducted by BBC Earth and Berkeley University, revealed that watching nature documentaries can trigger happiness. That was a real “aha!” moment for BBC Earth, and one that fuelled the launch of the Real Happiness project. Real Happiness is simple – users interact with a Messenger chatbot, which then sends them personalized animal videos. It’s purpose is to bring people and nature closer together.

To receive their 45 seconds of tailored happiness, users need to answer a few quick questions related to their location, their state of happiness, as well as their personal preferences when it comes to animals.

Check it out here.


Why it’s hot:

Artificial intelligence is advancing and is set to be a game changer for 2017. So much so that investment in AI is expected to triple in 2017. Although the most hyped enhancement to happen to social this year resulted in more fails than wins, there is still huge potential in this space if utilized for the right reasons and in the right capacity. Bots should never replace what true human engagement accomplishes, but there are ways to get this right by following a few simple guidelines: (1) Keep it simple and easy to use; (2) Never pretend it’s a real person (people need to know they’re using an automated service); and (3) Use the technology to remove or reduce obstacles in whatever experience you’re looking to replicate through automation.