The Lengths People Go To For Pizza

There are pizza lovers and there are pizza LOVERS.


Launched on August 31st, Domino’s Pizza in Russia offered 100 years of free pizza to those who tattooed the company’s logo on their body and shared it on social media. The campaign, meant to last month had to end after only 5 days. In an effort to save face and money, the company promised pizzas to the first 350 to share their ink.

The tattoo needed to be in a prominent place and just hours after the promotion started, Instagram started getting flooded with images of fan’s legs, arms, and other body parts.

Why it’s hot:

Although it’s good to take risks and try something new, it’s so important to think about the possible ramifications.

Man uses his iPhone to insert TV and movie characters into everyday life

I’ll let the following content speak for itself…Capturesfvfdb


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Why It’s Hot

This concept marries well into the average Instagram users state of mind. When a person goes on Instagram, they are drawn towards images that evoke creativity. Therefore, this simple idea is very noteworthy because one simple concept like this can start a trend across digital. It’s all about keeping things simple while still thinking outside of the box.

Hefty’s #SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign

In a effort to bring a real issue to light, Hefty created the #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign to raise awareness about the challenges that teachers and public schools face. Over the years, Hefty partnered with Box Tops for Education in which they have donated over 3.5 million dollars to this initiative.

See how they are playing up the social space with this shareworthy campaign…

Why It’s Hot

This campaign is both culturally relevant and shareable. I love how Hefty is using their platform to raise awareness for a real-time issue. Now everyone go out there and buy some Hefty products to collect those Box Tops!

Equinox’s Gold Card Challenge

Luxury fitness provider Equinox debuted a Gold Card challenge to promote its gyms. The Gold Card membership is exclusive to 5 of its members, and they will have to look through “tough-to-reach spots that people will have to demonstrate their athletic prowess to reach.” Those who find the card will receive a yearlong membership, 24 personal training sessions, 12 massages, $1,000 in Equinox swag, $500 in juice and more.


The first challenge is for contestants to dive through a pond in Montauk.



Equinox Gold Card

Why It’s Hot: As a fitness provider, Equinox has created a Willy Wonka-like set of challenges that are specifically skewed to the athletic, which fit their overall brand campaign. On browsers and mobile devices, you can see the approximate locations of the cards and pursue them. They’ve also enlisted their celebrity clients like Neil Patrick Harris to participate in the challenges as well to create further buzz.