It’s Game Time: Tracking the 2019 Super Bowl Ads

Image result for super bowl mercedes benz atlantaIt’s the week before the Big Game and some advertisers have already started rolling out sneak peeks and in some cases, full ads.

Up first, Stella Artois released their full ad on Monday, which features two memorable characters coming together to pitch the Belgian pilsner.  The unlikely duo of Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude were brought together for the beer brand’s Change Up the Usual campaign.

Lil Jon is tempting the fates of losing his “Atlanta” card by partnering with Pepsi in a trailer for the Big Game, which takes a mocking tone towards Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola and its Perfect Pour.  Standby for if Lil Jon will be invited back to his hometown after Sunday’s game in the ATL.

ASMR is a hot trend right now.  Pepsi is creating its interpretation using Cardi B and Michelob Ultra is leveraging Zoe Kravitz in its version of the kooky internet phenomenon.

Take a look at the rest of the ads and teasers here: Adweek

If you want to get in on live action, this year 3 Percent Conference is expanding on their Super Bowl Tweet Up, by rolling out locations in cities including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.  To find out more, go here:

And if you want to vote for your favorites and not so favorites, you can visit USA Today’s Ad Meter to cast your vote! 

Why Its Hot:

Its the Super Bowl.  And at over $5M for a 30 second spot, this ad arena is not for the faint of heart, or the light in the wallet.  But overall trends here, will dictate the direction for brands and advertisers in 2019.  Agencies will need to quickly have POVs for the winners and the losers and how we can use those learnings to guide future creative requests.   Watch this space for a recap of the winners and the losers next week!

How to Play the Game: Winning Over Sports Fans

voice-feb01-01-2016A recent study on Global Sports Fans found that while the majority of fans know who sponsors their team, 80 percent also think that brands fail to consider their audiences when amplifying partnerships.

This study asked 2,000-plus sports fans across the U.K., U.S., Japan, Spain and Brazil their opinions on how brands are doing when it comes to partnering with sports teams. And the results weren’t great.

“Only 17 percent [of sports fans] believe brands are interested in them”

This article states that this disconnect is a result of brands focusing more on the  partnerships than on the actual fans and their rituals.

The key to winning over sports fans is by engaging with their existing behavior and creating meaningful experiences for them to have with others at the game. 63 percent of sports fans say that the rituals they have at stadiums, like doing the wave or singing cheers with others in the stands, are a key part of the live viewing sports experience. In fact, music was cited as the number one form of entertainment at sports games by fans.

Brands who want to truly capture the attention of dedicated sports fans must find ways to create meaningful experiences for fans that add to the live experience while integrating the existing behaviors and rituals of fans.

American Express did this during the most recent U.S. Open, when they offered an onsite virtual reality experience for attendees. Fans could virtually play against Maria Sharapova in a four minute game that was the first consumer-oriented VR unit to go in market. Why was the activation such a huge success? It not only added to the live experience of the U.S. Open, but it also directly engaged with the interests of fans by allowing them to join in on the competition. It was far more than a “sponsored by” message from the brand.

Why It’s Hot: With the hype of Super Bowl abuzz, everyone is talking about the best TV spots. But what will truly be interesting to see is what brands (if any) go beyond TV and develop more engaging activations that contribute to the actual experience for fans attending the game.

Source: 6 Ways Brands can Draft Modern Sports Fans