Figma adds collaboration to the product design process

While some digital product designers are still using Illustrator or Photoshop to design interfaces for screens, a battle has begun to design the next generation of product design tools. Sketch has captured a large portion of the market as a tool that is easy to adopt and master, but other vendors have their sights set on bigger and brighter futures.

Figma is an interface design tool that combines product design functionality with feedback, collaboration, and prototyping. It is built especially for digital product designers, taking into consideration device constraints, accessibility, and even production needs.

Why it’s hot…

Rather than switching file types and relying on email, Slack, or annotations, imagine being able to work side-by-side with other members of your team – designers and non-designers alike – in one file to get a project production-ready. Additionally, Figma works across devices and operating systems, meaning that everyone can use the device they want and still have access to the same files. Think Office 365 or Google Docs, but for product design.

Showing code from designed screens [via]

Adobe and other large vendors are trying to implement similar collaborative capabilities in XD and other programs, but Figma has the added benefit of starting from scratch, without legacy product dependencies. It will be exciting to see how they use this momentum to carry them forward.

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Comcast’s App Will Tell You When The Cable Guy is Coming


Comcast launched a new feature in its MyAccount app that tracks the company’s technicians. You’ll still have to wait around for the cable guy, but the days of hanging out for hours for that knock at the door may be coming to an end.

If you’re waiting on an appointment, the app will send an alert when a technician is about 30 minutes away. Users will then be able to track the technician on a map.

Users are presented with a map that shows the location of the technician, a feature similar to Uber’s map that tracks drivers, which has recently come under fire.

The Comcast app will also let users rate technicians’ service. The feature is entering a trial phase near Boston, and is slated to roll out more broadly in early 2015 to both Android and iOS versions of the app.


Why Its Hot:

Holy Smokes! Game Changer! No more waiting all day for the cable guy. Now we have an app that tells us when they’re coming. This is the type of technology that Verizon should be using. Don’t we always tout Verizon as having the best tech in the industry? Why don’t we have something like this?