Jordanian Airlines ups the sarcasm, succeeds bigly

Royal Jordanian Airlines came up with a campaign ahead of the 2016 election encouraging their Muslim travelers to “Travel to the U.S. While You’re Still Allowed To,” in response to Trump’s proposed travel ban on Muslims. It was just supposed to be a clever ad, but it turned out to be prophetic.

Why It’s Hot

The tag line obviously resonated with a cynical population that probably believed that he would win more than the average American voter. It is truth well told.

Unilever Gives Birth to Baby Dove

(Baby brain alert!)

Unilever’s Dove and Dove Men+Care are proud parents of Baby Dove, the brand’s first major category extension since launch of the aforementioned men’s line seven years ago. The new line of baby washes, lotions and wipes kicks off with a digital video today to be followed by a broader digital, TV and #RealMoms social campaign.

“Baby Dove is building on the 60-year heritage of cleansing and care and moisturization of the Dove brand,” said Nick Soukas, VP of Dove. One of the key insights behind the products is that baby skin loses moisture five times faster than adult skin, so Dove’s heritage of moisturizing products fits particularly well, he said. Beyond the moisturizing heritage, Dove has been squarely focused on moms and dads with its existing product lines for years, making the leap to babies fairly easy. Marketing for Dove Men+Care in particular has been focused on men’s roles as fathers since day one.

But Baby Dove will be focused on the primary buyer in the category — moms — and in particular bucking up women’s self-esteem vs. pressure to be perfect. Instead of Real Beauty, think of it as a campaign for real parenting. Read more here.

By coming from a place of support, acceptance & advocacy, the campaign has won a typically critical “mom community” online. Initial fan reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with comments like: “Love how inclusive Dove is for all walks of life, regardless of color, gender, and sexuality. Keep it up!”  And popular mommy blogs have picked up on the conversation too, sharing the campaign with their own accompanying messages of positivity and in support of the launch. See examples here, here, and here.

Why it’s hot:

Being in tune with the role your brand plays in consumer lives + understanding the power of real consumer truths = A breakthrough campaign that will get the target audience sharing & talking.

On the heels of major mess ups (::cough, pepsi, cough::), it’s worth remembering that this simple combination of knowing your audience & knowing your brand can lead to a campaign that strikes a chord & feels right for the company.

Genius Back To School Campaign!

“Ziploc gives a twist to the traditional back-to-school ad with a campaign in which the “kids” are actually played by animals. A series of spots entitled “Little Beasts,” by Energy BBDO, show adults playing the teachers and parents, while “beasts” like llamas, monkeys and goats play the students. All the ads carry the endling: “Kids are a trip. Pack accordingly.” – Alexandra Jardine


Why It’s Hot

Because what’s funnier than commercials with animals! These ads are captivating and hilarious. I love how this ad targets both parents and children at the same time to tie in the theme of back to school. I think this was a great idea for Ziploc and is socially shareable.

For Mother’s Day, Samsung didn’t create an ad. They just showed reality.

The new Samsung’s funny Mother’s Day ad reminds young consumers how bad their moms are at, well pretty much anything technology related… including texting.

As Mother’s Day has become a repetitive cryfest in which advertisers keep tapping into the same sentimental formula, this Samsung ad, “#TextsFromMom,” is a breath of fresh air.

The spot looks at how your mom probably uses text messaging—or rather, misuses it. The whole thing is pretty funny, and nicely pokes fun without getting too mean. And it sticks the landing by reminding you that you shouldn’t be texting with Mom at all this Sunday.

You’ll also notice that some of the moms’ phone numbers are visible in the spot. If you dial them, you get to hear what they have to say in their voicemail messages.

You can also show off your mom’s funniest texts using hashtag #TextsFromMom for a chance to win a Galaxy S 6 edge.


Why this is hot

How many Santa Clauses ads did you see last December? How many of them did you care about?

And how many “Moms being hugged by their lovely families” are we going to see this Mother’s Day season? More than we need, which is why this Samsung ad is hot!

Samsung Crafts an Avengers VR Experience You Can Try Right Now on Your Phone

Samsung’s new campaign has it all: virtual reality, celebrities athletes, thanks to the client’s stable of sports’ stars, and a unique approach to The Avengers, as a result of the brand’s partnership with Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The centerpiece is a two-minute VR experience for the Galaxy S6 and Gear VR Headset in which you’re placed dead center in the middle of a battle between the Avengers and Ultron robots.

This impressive VR experience it’s available for download  at the Oculus Store. Those without a Gear headset can still get an approximation of it, though.

The YouTube video below was designed as a 360-degree experience—if you watch it on an Android device, you can move the phone around in all directions and see difference parts of the room as the action unfolds.

But the second part of the campaign is even more impressive. The spotlight moves to the movie theme –as the athletes give life to the superheroes– powered by stunning visual effects that do more than just entertain users and viewers: they tell a compelling story about the powerful technology behind the Samsung brand.


Why is this hot? The brand capitalized its stable of athlete celebrities, and its partnership with Marvel to deliver a relevant experience to fans of soccer, football, cycling, surfing, and of course, fans of The Avengers franchise. And in the process, they connected with all audiences (general market, Hispanics, African Americans); all while making the brand and the product at the center of the story.


Tiffany’s First Engagement Ad to Feature a Same-Sex Couple

Tiffany & Co. made headlines this weekend with a preview of its new campaign, featuring seven real-life couples who’ve all popped the question—including a same-sex couple.

The real-life gay couple, a handsome New York City pair, are part of a push from the brand to show diverse love stories, a spokeswoman for the company explained to Elle.

“Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms,” said the spokeswoman. “The Tiffany engagement ring is the first sentence of the story that a couple will write together as they create a life that is deeply intimate and exceptional, which is the message we hope to convey through this campaign.”


Source: AdFreak

Why It’s Hot

While it’s certainly exciting to see such an iconic brand make a progressive statement with its “Will You?” campaign, it’s also obvious that it makes sense economically. The growing market of same-sex couples searching for engagement rings has many brands courting gay and lesbian couples directly.


Mercedes-Benz brings car configuring to Instagram

Mercedes Benz has been a leader in best in class brand examples on Instagram. The car maker is now bringing the ability to customize their latest GLA model to the consumer via Instagram. This marks another campaign for the brand where Instagram has taken the lead, after last year’s “Take the Wheel” campaign.

According to this Digiday article, “Mercedes isn’t the only automaker to raise the bar with innovative campaigns recently. Acura let its fans customize cars entirely on Twitter, Lexus developed an Oculus Rift motion simulator to give users a virtual test-drive and Chrysler gave its patrons virtual factory tours.”

 Why It’s Hot

While customizing a new car on a website is not a new idea, adding it to Instagram certainly is.

This is a great, innovative idea to leverage Instagram’s native features in a new way to think “outside the box” for a new campaign. The customizable options speak to consumers’ individuality and peaks interest in the new car.

Chobani Wants You to Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast

Chobani yogurt, launched a new campaign for their product Chobani Oats, to help brighten your morning and encourage you to eat a hearty breakfast, instead of a sad one, with the #stopsadbreakfast campaign. Instead of settling on a doughnut, bagel or muffin, the campaign is encouraging people to enjoy a good breakfast to start their day.

Pop-up stores are opening in key New York City destinations such as Grand Central Station and Bryant Park to offer consumers to come and enjoy samples of free Chobani Oats. Other intiatives in the campaign include work place takeovers in major cities such as Houston and Atlanta where refrigerators will be stocked with the yogurt for employees to enjoy. Also, cabs are offering surprise rides and free breakfast for commuters.

Other interesting things the Chobani marketing team has been exploring recently include:

  • Partnering with Lyft, a transportation network company, to provide special hand-deliveries of Chobani’s Pumpkin Spice flavor through a special “Chobani Mode” option in the app.
  • Original content game with videos showcasing sad breakfasts
  • “Oats-terventions,” an original content series in which the brand intervenes with sad breakfast sufferers, and offers to help the situation with new Chobani Oats, then sharing the content on social media.
  • Partnering with The Onion to produce faux PSAs to be distributed online in the digital and social space.

Read more here and here.

Why It’s Hot

The campaign was interesting because it not only employed digital and social strategies, but real life experiences as well and using social to amplify the messaging. They are capitalizing on a common reality about skipping breakfast by making it humorous and relatable. We’re all so busy and rushing around more than ever, so I thought the spot was a funny way to encourage people to take a step back and set themselves up for a productive day with a good breakfast.

Nike’s “Winner Stays” 2014 World Cup Ad

Last week, Nike released its new four-minute World Cup ad, “Winner Stays.” The ad features a group of youth playing a pick-up game of soccer while imagining themselves as the world’s best soccer players. The ad includes appearances by Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, Andres Iniesta and other soccer superstars.

Many believe Nike’s World Cup ad “Write the Future” set the standard for sports advertising in 2012. (You can watch it here) and it is safe to say the new ad did not disappoint.

You can watch the video here:

Why it’s Hot
First, did I mention that this ad, although obviously alluding to one of the world’s biggest sporting competitions, never mentions the World Cup. Why? Perhaps it is because the games are sponsored by Nike’s rival – Adidas.

Additionally to me, it’s also amazing to see the power of international brands taking the largest names and competitors in a single sport and getting them together to film an ad. Also, in a way, I see this as ad sending a positive message to the world. The ad emphasizes the fact that occasionally the world can come together for a for less serious and more peaceful purposes – for the love of the game